In Search Of Fate

Long Ago, in a Familiar Land...

History, in a nutshell

Discovery of Ori Ori was discovered in the year 197, a fleet of four ships under order of the king travelled across the unruly ocean in what many believed a madman’s attempt to circumnavigate the globe. Upon their return, they brought news of a bizarre land filled with strange creatures and tribal races on a distant continent.


The kingdom did not return to Ori for almost thirty years. When the first colonists arrived, however, they arrived in force. The settlement at Portsmouth was erected in a matter of weeks, with thousands of men and dwarves working hard for many long days to engage defenses and plant crops.

The first winter on Ori was devastating for the colony. Roughly half of the three thousand men, women and children died from cold, starvation, and the constant goblin raids. Portsmouth endured, however, and when the spring ships arrived from the Old World they found a determined settlement, filled with hardy people.



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